Massage is an essential part of any regular exercise program. It helps improve circulation, increases flexibility, helps prevent injury and decreases stress. We offer remedial, relaxation and Thai massage.

Remedial, Relaxation and Thai

Remedial massage is especially recommended for pre-training/event, post event and recovery. This type of massage can benefit elite athletes, as well as casual fitness enthusiasts of all ages. Remedial massage can be “area specific” to target particular ailments within the body. Our therapist has the ability to be adaptable to treat you depending on your individual requirements.

Relaxation massage is a great way to help remove yourself from the rigours of everyday life. It destresses your mind and body and some clients regularly feel a meditative effect during the treatment.

Thai massage incorporates a mixture of remedial, relaxation massage and stretching. It is great for circulation, stress management and flexibility. We find a lot of runners enjoy this style in the few days after an event and the stretching helps with returning fatigued muscles back to working order.

Massage Fees

30 Minute Remedial - $40
45 Minute Remedial - $60
60 Minute Remedial - $80
90 Minute Remedial - $120