Diletta Legowo

Fundamentally, Diletta’s life work is to assist others in connecting with a home within themselves, their bodies, and in community. She takes this whole-system lens into her yoga teaching.

A student of yoga and meditation for more than a decade, Diletta has learned from diverse international teachers across the Asia-Pacific region over a life of travel (living in Jakarta, New York, Manila, and Canberra/ Ngunnawal Land). She currently works and resides in Fitzroy, on the Lands of the Wurundjeri People.

Diletta’s friendly and experimental classes present an artful symphony for the senses, harmonising visual cues, optional hands-on assists, and musical curations to ultimately deepen connection between the physical, mental, and the inner source to build resilience that transcends to life beyond the mat. Her classes are are thoughtful and welcoming to students of all-levels of experience. Her Yin classes are designed as a counter restoration for the demands and pressures of modern life, creating a safe container through slow embodied movement and stillness for students to relax and journey inwards, honing connection between mind and body and accessing the parasympathetic nervous system.

Off the mat, Diletta mirrors her yoga practice in her work in social innovation and design, with the ambition to collaboratively solve complex social challenges with governments, non-profit organisations, and communities.

Travis Giansiracusa

After 21 years of experience in the health and fitness field, Travis brings a wealth of practical experience and expert knowledge to the team at Tonic. As a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, running specialist and mentor, he has developed an extensive catalogue of exercise programs which he draws from and adapts to meet the specific needs of his clients.

Applying an evidence-based approach to program design, combined with his extensive experience, Travis ensures his clients receive the most up-to-date, relevant advice and training prescriptions.

Travis has worked with a diverse range of clients throughout his career, including working with children as young as eight years old up to his current oldest client, at 93 – his approach always informed by each individual’s unique needs and goals.

Along the way, Travis has been a regular competitor in endurance sports, having completed, amongst his 24 marathons, the 2013 and 2019 Boston Marathons.

Karl Said

Karl joined our team in October 2022. Karl has had a fitness-oriented mindset from a young age, having competed in bodybuilding as a 16-year-old and is a keen breakdancer.

Karl obtained a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science from Bedfordshire University and completed a Master’s in Clinical Exercise Science with Edinburgh Napier University.

Coming from Malta, he brings ten years of experience as a P.T. and two years of experience in clinical exercise physiology in the UK.

As an Exercise Physiologist, Karl has worked in cardiac rehabilitation and assisted cancer patients with structured exercise programs throughout their treatment.

He is passionate about weightlifting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; he enjoys working with his clients to assist with strategies to improve their lifestyle using the tools applied to his daily routine and from his tertiary education.

Karl enjoys travelling, dining out, and discovering all that Melbourne has to offer.


Jess Jelleff

BhSc. Clinical Myotherapist

Jess practices with us at Tonic as Affinity Myotherapy.
Jess has worked in the healthcare industry as a clinical Myotherapist since 2016.
Over this time, she has styled her treatments so they address both mind and body.

Jess founded Affinity Myotherapy to create a service that assists her clients with improving their health and well-being, utilising her technical skills, expertise and her interest in better understanding the intricate systems that enable the human body to perform at its optimum.

Alongside a physical assessment of her client’s musculoskeletal system, Jess integrates a detailed analysis and discussion centred around lifestyle factors that influence overall health and wellbeing, such as; diet, stress, nutrition, exercise and habits (good and bad!). Jess believes using this holistic approach addresses the patient as an individual and allows her to tailor a treatment program specific to their needs whilst also considering their time, physical and financial constraints.


Bookings can be made with Jess by clicking this link.

Visit the Affinity Myotherapy Website


James Browning

Growing up in rural southern NSW, James moved to Melbourne in 2016. He has completed a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Human Physiology, at the University of Melbourne and a Master of Applied Sport Science at Deakin University. James has always had a fascination for human function and anatomy.

After an initial interest in Physiotherapy, he instead pursued a career as a strength and conditioning coach.

“I love that this profession allows me to build long-term relationships and have a meaningful impact on the fitness journey of my clients. I look forward to bringing a sports science lens, built on a foundation of evidence-based practice, to my work at Tonic Personal Training.”

James is available for strength and conditioning sessions on weekdays from 6 am to 12 noon.

Sam Lawrence

Sam Lawrence

Sam is the newest member to join us at Tonic.
Sam recently moved into the health industry after a long-term career as a chef in some of Melbourne’s most popular inner north restaurants. Sam applies his strong interpersonal skills, caring nature and interest in the human body to all his therapeutic treatments. He can blend a mix of relaxation and remedial massage to cater to his client’s needs.

Sam studied for a Diploma in Remedial Massage at Victoria University.

Sam is available for treatments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Samantha Eng

Sam is a 500-hr Registered Yoga Teacher trained in Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Her classes blend traditional postures with practical movement that supports strength and flexibility, focusing on the joys and challenges of discovering and testing mental and physical edges. 

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sam has trained at notable studios and yoga training facilities across North America, Asia and Australia, including Octopus Garden (Toronto), Sampoorna Yoga (Goa), and Good Vibes Yoga (Melbourne). 

She brings over 10 years of yoga teaching experience in studios, gyms, corporate classes and private one-on-ones to Tonic and will teach group classes on Saturday afternoon at 3 and Sunday morning at 10:30.