Jess Jelleff

BhSc. Clinical Myotherapist

Jess practices with us at Tonic as Affinity Myotherapy.
Jess has worked in the healthcare industry as a clinical Myotherapist since 2016.
Over this time, she has styled her treatments so they address both mind and body.

Jess founded Affinity Myotherapy to create a service that assists her clients with improving their health and well-being, utilising her technical skills, expertise and her interest in better understanding the intricate systems that enable the human body to perform at its optimum.

Alongside a physical assessment of her client’s musculoskeletal system, Jess integrates a detailed analysis and discussion centred around lifestyle factors that influence overall health and wellbeing, such as; diet, stress, nutrition, exercise and habits (good and bad!). Jess believes using this holistic approach addresses the patient as an individual and allows her to tailor a treatment program specific to their needs whilst also considering their time, physical and financial constraints.


Bookings can be made with Jess by clicking this link.

Visit the Affinity Myotherapy Website