Personal Training

Personal training is an individualised approach to managing your health and fitness. Your personal trainer is a companion who’ll closely work with you to guide through the necessary steps required to achieve your goals.

An individualised approach to fitness.

Personal Training is a valuable service for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness. Our sessions are challenging and enjoyable. Your trainer will lift your energy levels and make sure you leave each session feeling on top of the world. They’ll act as a companion and will guide you through the steps required to reach your goals.

If you know you are a champion of making excuses, your trainer will keep you on track and motivated. They will continue to adapt your program as you improve, and continuously consult with you regarding your progress and satisfaction with your overall training experience.

We offer training either in a one-on-one format or you can train with up to four people (semi-private) with one trainer.

We have online personal training programs for those times when you can’t meet your trainer.  We understand that there are times when you go on holiday or travel for work. We like to maintain the connection with you and create a program that is workable while you are away from us.

Personal Training Fees


60 Minute - $80 Per session
45 Minute - $60 Per session
30 Minute - $40 Per session


60 Minute - $100 Per session
45 Minute - $75 Per session
30 Minute - $50 Per session


60 Minute - $120 Per session