Alex Charry

Alex has been at Tonic since December 2011. He believes in preventing and managing injuries and changing lifestyle habits for long-term health.

Alex’s sessions always include a variety of training options and draw on interests in body weight training, boxing, yoga, parkour and pilates to help clients improve functional fitness. He enjoys a range of outdoor activities, including obstacle racing, rock climbing, bike riding, swimming and snowboarding. Alex holds an Executive Master Trainer qualification, Certificate III and IV in Fitness and a Certificate in Exercise Rehabilitation. He is also an instructor in boxing, kettle bell and Pilates.

Alex has trained a range of clients, from very young to over 70, with many different health and fitness aims. Each session with Alex is carefully tailored to how clients feel on the day and to encourage client progress.
When not at the gym Alex can be found eating baguettes, reading, spending time outdoors or enjoying time with family and friends.